FCD Series 3-IN-1 Compact Dryers
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FCD Series 3-IN-1 Compact Dryers
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  • FCD compact dryer offers more feature as standard equipment with a smaller footprint than comparable systems, giving maximum performance in minimal space.
  • Standard Dew-point -40℃ ; Dew point -50℃ as an option model.
  • Standard PID temperature control to save the energy costs.
  • Use the Honeycomb rotor design without the desiccant tower switching actions to avoid the problem of the instable Dew-points.
  • The Honeycomb rotor has service life at least 6 years, it can be cleaned as soon as poor drying efficiency is found.
  • Automatic Dehumidifying system and Regeneration circling system.
  • Closed loop circuit design eliminates the risk of moisture re-absorption and suitable for polymer drying applications involving particularly large quantities hygroscopic material.
  • The Multiple safety protection device.