FC300 Sound Proof Crushers
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FC300 Sound Proof Crushers
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FC soundproof type crusher series design uses high-density soundproofing material, acoustic treatment machine around, so that the whole sound source of the Ministry is fully soundproofed state, every speaker design makes replacement blade and remove the screneeasily into the crushing chamber.
With the crushing chamber of the”V”-shaped rotor designed to ensure safe and reliable operation, and is suitable for a variety of a variety of crushed material, and even larger material is no exception. Broken injection molded parts, gates, profiles, sheet or film, FC series models can be broken out of uniform particles of high quality.
  • Built-in enclosures: to ensure that the use noise reduction, and a unique tool designed to make it easier tool change.
  • Simple tool to install: the adjustments using a tool to adjust the frame, the entire tool change process in the crusher, fixed knife and rotary cutter with high tensile strength steel, regrinding many times.
  • The unique cutting mode: the tool of the rotor using the latest “V” shaped cutting technique, compared with the conventional tool, “V”-shaped design materials toward the center of the rotor while continuing cutting, “V”-shaped structure be able to reduce the wear of the tool and crushing chamber.
  • The removable Compact design: built-in enclosures designed so that the entire model is very compact, you can move the entire machine can lift or move the forklift or other lifting equipment standards.
  • Efficient feeding mode: Due to the unique rotor design, even if it is a continuous feeding, crushing chamber will not be clogged.