FGB Series Gravimetric Blenders
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FGB Series Gravimetric Blenders
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  • Compact, space saving and modular design.
  • Simple setting of required percentages and ratios.
  • Accurate and repeatable process.
  • While blending the next batch is weighted.
  • Self calibration. During the dosing cycle the control automatically corrects differences from the preset values.
  • Easy installation on, or next to the processing machine.
  • More flexibility because of different types of control.
  • Suited as central-blender for several machines.
  • Hopper loaders of your own choice.
  • Gravimetric / volumetric mode to increase throughput.
  • Easy cleaning of weigh pan and mixing chamber.
  • Security password levels.
  • More languages on the display.
  • Accuracy 1/1000.