SP Series Hopper Loader For Free-Flowing Powders
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SP Series Hopper Loader For Free-Flowing Powders
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  • The unit is designed for dust-free operation with using the Teflon filter Bag. Filter efficient is 1μ. It is suitable to convey all free-flowing powder.
  • Modules are designed for easy filter replacement and ensure unit the optimum easy cleaning. No tools needed for material changes or clean out.
  • The control panel can be either mounted on the hopper loader as standard or installed on the vacuum unit.
  • A self-closed flap mechanism with magnetic switch is fitted to the material discharge port underneath the hopper., no need adjustment.
  • There is a cleaning door with a filter cartridge fitted with hopper body in order to assist operation and maintenance of flap mechanism.
  • Purge a compressed air in the filter at a time, to clean and get rid of impurities which attribute excellent conveying performance and eliminate material packing.